Minimum Wage Throw Away

I worked a lot of minimum wage jobs to make sure that I had at least some income coming in to help pay bills and buy groceries.  The way most of my employers treated me, you’d think I was just a machine that they expected to work regardless of the conditions.  I remember being sick and being told that I had to work anyhow.  When I tried to explain how sick I was, I was told show up or be out of work.  Once, I was hired to work part-time at a restaurant and was told I’d be getting 30 to 40 hours per week.  Then, when another employee asked for more hours, my hours were given to that person with the promise that I’d be getting more hours in the next schedule.  When it didn’t happen week after week, schedule after schedule, promise after promise, I was told that I could always go find work elsewhere.  One of the worst situations is working late into the night and being told to show up first thing in the morning with less than 6 hours of time between shifts.  This was so dehumanizing.  With it so difficult to work just to survive, how exactly was I supposed to work on getting out of the cycle.  It’s not so easy in an entry-level, minimum wage world.