Brief Biography


Early Life

Steve Friday was born and raised in Metro Detroit. His father, who was an auto worker, and his mother, who worked many different jobs to help make ends meet, raised five children through four recessions before Steve turned 18.  Steve’s parents provided great examples of a strong work ethic and instilled in their children very idealistic views of what it means to be a good person, despite hard times.  Steve continues to hold those values. He feels strongly that it is important to strive to put people and relationships before personal gain. Steve has a promise to himself that he will never get ahead by holding someone else back, or by exploiting people to get what he wants.




Working Career

Although Steve initially worked in fast food, retail, manufacturing and other service industries, he has spent most of his career working in the helping fields of social work, case management, research, and community organizing.  Steve is also a proud Air Force veteran and has worked with many veterans in research and social work capacities.  He understands the importance of treating others with unconditional positive regard and has been gifted with the ability to connect with people from all walks of life.  

Like most people, Steve has struggled in life, and because of this he knows that life in our current system is difficult. In his experience working with people and families, he has assisted them with issues including special health care needs, financial hardships, disabilities, health crises, Medicare, Medicaid, social security-disability benefits, sexual abuse, substance abuse, violence, serious mental health issues, unemployment, aging, and death and dying. 


"Human First" Philosophy

Steve Friday knows the importance of validating people and empowering them to solve their problems so they can plan for a better future.  He knows how to show people that the power and strength they need is inside them and in their community.  He believes it is not difficult to be a public servant when one cares for and respects those one serves, regardless of the challenges they face. Mr. Friday believes that people need the support of others who really care about them and can listen to them.  These are very, very difficult times for many people.  The people need a public servant with the policy and evaluation background that Steve's education and work experience has given him.

Steve strongly believes in fairness and equality for everyone.  A community cannot truly prosper as long as any of its citizens are oppressed, held back, or thrown away. Steve believes that it is imperative to apply any influence one has to pressure leaders and the systems in which they function to guarantee that others without such influence or privilege are treated fairly.  It is his firm belief that it is always the responsibility of those who have experienced success to prioritize giving back and supporting those who face difficult challenges.


Why Steve is running

While very strongly connected to family and community, Steve Friday grew up as an independent in both thought and political alignment.  Like his fellow citizens, Steve has witnessed the collapse of our government as it has slipped further and further into the grip of corporate control, directed by the very wealthiest people in the world. Steve has seen people mistreated by our government on numerous occasions, and routinely organizes resistance to these attacks. There is now a critical mass of people willing to combat this corruption. This is not a fight to save the democracy we thought we had: this is a fight to create a true democracy.  


Movement Campaigning

This campaign is part of a movement, and therefore is not about individuals winning elections.  This campaign is about changing the conversation, adopting new principles, and driving a new narrative in which people are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve. Steve Friday will do everything in his power - with every bit of his humanity - to make sure that lives are improved, that people are treated fairly, that real opportunities are available and taken, and that everyone will have the freedom and justice to which they are entitled but have not yet been able to realize.

At last, Friday is here!