Steve Friday is a Democrat running for Michigan’s 7th Congressional district in the 2018 Democratic Primary.

Michigan’s 7th District has unique challenges that require bold new leadership to fix. “Almost half of the 7th District’s children are counted as low-income,” Friday said, “and more than one in four Michigan children live below an artificially low poverty line. Students are graduating from college as lifelong debtors. Working class and middle-class families can nosedive into financial ruin with one catastrophic illness. The administration is currently at work shredding what’s left of a meager safety net, as it prosecutes a war on immigrants and people of color who already suffer disproportionately. The Trump administration, with the full support of Representative Walberg on issues related to this matter, has opened a terrible wound in an already suffering body politic.

Friday proudly calls himself a “Berniecrat,” identifying with the insurgent campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination. The people of the 7th Congressional District threw their support behind Senator Sanders’ presidential bid because they believed in his platform and his mission. Like Senator Sanders, Steve is not taking any corporate PAC money and is relying on individual contributions to fund his grassroots campaign. This gives Steve Friday an advantage, because he can visit his constituents and come up with solutions that work for the community, and not the moneyed interests and political donors. For a full list of issues and where Steve stands on them, visit the ISSUES page.


“The Progressive Caucus of the Michigan Democratic Party is excited to announce our endorsement and support for Steve Friday for Congress in the 7th Congressional District. Steve is a social worker, veteran, grassroots organizer and activist. He’s not only passionate about changing the world, he lives that passion every single day by getting out in his community and district, fighting for progressive values and the people of our great State!”

-The Progressive Caucus of the Michigan Democratic Party

“The National Association of Social Workers (NASW-PACE: Political Action for Candidate Election) is pleased to announce their endorsement of Steven Friday’s primary and general election campaigns. The NASW’s membership of nearly 120,000 professional Social Workers, including our Michigan chapter extend their support for Steve Friday’s campaign in light of his commitment to the well-being of individuals, families, and communities.”

-The National Association of Social Workers

Ann Arbor for Revolution


“Steve Friday has been endorsed by Ann Arbor For Revolution, a grassroots group which is committed to the human-centered values of democracy, economic justice, and the rights of the individual over the rights of corporate power. Ann Arbor For Revolution has endorsed Steve Friday in his run for the Congressional office of the 7th District because of his commitment to grassroots progressive values, his authenticity, and his dedication to take no corporate funds so he can be beholden only to the people of the state of Michigan.”

-Ann Arbor For Revolution

“The Millennials for Revolution team is proud to endorse Steve Friday for Congress. Steve understands and appreciates the unique set of challenges that we face as Millennials and is working both thoughtfully and diligently to adress them.”

-Millennials for Revolution

“Michigan for Revolution is proud to endorse Steve Friday for Congress in Michigan’s Seventh District. His human first campaign represents his personal values of economic justice, democracy and people over corporations. His commitment to authentic representational government and his deep understanding of the problems faced by common people will be a refreshing voice of change in Washington on behalf of Michigan citizens. As a veteran and a social worker, he has proven a willingness and history of putting humans first.”

-Michigan For Revolution

“HVDSA is proud to endorse our comrade Steve Friday. As an activist and member of DSA, Steve has shown that he is committed to Medicare for All , strong unions, an end to corporate domination of our politics and culture, and preserving our environment for future generations. He will be a passionate advocate for democratic socialist policies and values in Congress.”

-Huron Valley Democratic Socialists of America

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