Steve Friday is a Democratic running for Michigan’s 7th Congressional district in the 2018 Democratic Primary.

Michigan’s 7th District has unique challenges that require bold new leadership to fix. “Almost half of the 7th District’s children are counted as low-income,” Friday said, “and more than one in four Michigan children live below an artificially low poverty line. Students are graduating from college as lifelong debtors. Working class and middle-class families can nosedive into financial ruin with one catastrophic illness. The administration is currently at work shredding what’s left of a meager safety net, as it prosecutes a war on immigrants and people of color who already suffer disproportionately. The Trump administration, with the full support of Representative Walberg on issues related to this matter, has opened a terrible wound in an already suffering body politic.

Friday proudly calls himself a “Berniecrat,” identifying with the insurgent campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination. The people of the 7th Congressional District threw their support behind Senator Sanders’ presidential bid because they believed in his platform and his mission. Like Senator Sanders, Steve is not taking any corporate PAC money and is relying on individual contributions to fund his grassroots campaign. This gives Steve Friday an advantage, because he can visit his constituents and come up with solutions that work for the community, and not the moneyed interests and political donors. For a full list of issues and where Steve falls on them, visit the ISSUES page.


Tell us about a time where you…

1. …worked a low pay and/or part time job while dealing with challenges to your ability to meet your basic needs such as groceries, healthcare, gas to get to work… etc.

2. …Unable to afford to go to the doctor.

3. …Unable to take time off work when sick.

4. …Having to take your sick kid to daycare when you want to stay home and take care of them?


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